This course delves deeper into the intangible aspects of life which may enrich your life even while not enriching your wallet.

All life is a stage

This course takes a look at different aspects of life, what makes us human, the impact we have on others and the world around us and how we can improve our lives in general.

Health & Wealth

This course takes a closer look at how we can stay healthy, explain how we feel and talk about the finer things in life.

Journeys around the World

This course goes into present perfect and equips the learner with vocabulary and grammar to discuss interests in art and cultures around the world and intentions to visit these places.

People and Places

This course starts to delve into more abstract concepts such as countable and uncountable nouns, gerunds and time expressions, It equips the learner with more conversational English and more confidence to express themselves in a casual setting.

The World and Us

This course starts to delve into the past tense and also the present continuous and looks at how we can express and talk about past, ongoing and future plans we may or may not have.

Technology and Us

This course takes a more in depth look into he present simple tense as well as exploring more vocabulary about technology, education and jobs.


This is a course that focuses on greetings and pronouns. A great introductory course for beginner learners.

Beginner Past Simple

A course about describing actions and happenings in the past tense. This course will equip the beginner student with vocabulary and skill to describe and talk about the past.

Beginner Present Simple

This course takes learners through how to ask important questions in English, from asking for directions, to ordering food. A good basis to have for any person looking to travel to an english speaking country.

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