Teacher David’s Online Class




I’m David Taylor.

I have been living and teaching in Vietnam for 5 years.

What have I taught? 

1) Institutions:

I have taught in language centres, public schools, online, and private classes.

2) Centres:

I have  worked for include ILA, Atlantic, and IELTS Studio. I also did some online teaching for Topica. Public schools I have worked at include Ly Thai To and Ngoi Sao public schools in Hanoi.

3) Ages:

I have taught all ages, from kindergarten to adult.

4) Subjects:

I have taught general English, as well as high school level subjects (biology, geography, history, etc.). I have also taught business English, and IELTS courses. In 2018 I designed two IELTS courses for IELTS Studio.

5) Class sizes:

I have taught many private 1 on 1 students, and I have also taught up to 30 student class sizes.

My schedule:

Currently I work mornings, afternoons and evenings. Please contact me to find out when my available teaching slots are.

A bit about myself:

Although I love sport (I was high school athletics captain), I currently enjoy writing and reading in my free time. I am a keen philosopher, and I also follow current global affairs (e.g. politics, economics, social media).

I also enjoy playing the guitar, piano, and doing some singing. At the moment I am focusing on piano alone.

I look forward to meeting people who share my love for learning!


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