Teacher Lucas’s Online Class



Learning a new language can be very stressful but I will gradually guide you through the process of becoming confident in speaking English.

We will greatly focus on your listening and speaking skills and in addition, I will help you to gain confidence through various techniques I have used in the past with all my other learners.

My lessons are mainly student-centered and I make use of various teaching technologies and techniques to help the student. I will correct you as much as possible but will allow you to have the freedom to gain confidence in speaking.

At the end of each lesson, I usually like to give some sort of Homework/research to do and during the next lesson, we will go over it.

I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you and begin our learning adventure.

Some other brief details about myself:

  • I’m 43 years old. 
  • I’ve been living in Vietnam for 1,5 years now. 
  • My hobbies include reading, Scuba Diving and Kick Boxing. 
  • I come from South Africa. 
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