Lesson 2

 JE2 Unit 3 – Lesson 2  30/07/19

Lesson aim: Students must be able to know which pronouns to pair “like” and “likes” with.

Class management: Class dojo 5 points during the class for good behaviour, 5 point=one sticker. 5 stickers=1 bimbim

Slide 2-9:

Show student slide, click to appear like or likes, Say the sentence, get students to repeat. Check individual grammar.

Slide 10:

Give out whiteboards, markers and erasers. Make the kids draw two columns,one for like, one for likes. Give them two minutes to write the correct pronouns in the correct columns, click to appear pronouns on slide. Give the kids one minute to do self correction. Drill structure with all the pronouns. “They like” “He likes” etc…

Slide 12-26

Circle race. 

Draw a big circle on the floor with a marker, make the students stand around the room with markers, click to show slide 13, the students have to write the correct sentence in the circle,last child to do so must erase all the sentences in the circle in 10 seconds. Elicit the sentence after every slide. Repeat until slide 26.

Slide 28-43


Draw two bulls eyes on the whiteboard.

Select 5 children make them stand up in the middle of the room facing the board, give them sticky balls, show the first slide, the students throw to the correct target. Switch kids after every slide.

Slide 46-61

Word race.

Handout white boards, markers and erasers. Show the first slide, the students have to write the sentence using like or likes, The first student to finish is the winner, Repeat to slide 61.

Slide 63-70

Find the mistake, present the slide to the students, the students get 30 seconds to find the mistake and write the correct sentence, click, to reveal the correct answer. Students get chance for error correction.

Slide 71

Give the children 30 seconds to write the like or likes in order from 1-7 on their whiteboards. Click to reveal answers. Drill pronunciation.

Slide 73-85

Pair the students, let them sit face to face, the student facing away from the screen gets a whiteboard, the student with the whiteboard must elicit the answer from the student facing the tv, the student facing away from the tv begins by asking: “he,she, it or they”. The student facing the Tv gives the answer, the student facing away from the tv then asks, “what does he like, or what does she like?” The student facing the tv then gives the answer: “He likes pizza” etc… This is a race, write the team names on the boards and keep score, the winning team gets an extra sticker.

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